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Product Spotlight: Credit Card USB Drives

These are one of our favorite new products this year: credit card-style USB drives. They are the size and shape of a credit card, just slightly thicker — with a fold-out USB drive attached. USB drives have been an extremely popular promotional product over the last few years, and for good reason: they are modern, […]

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E-mail vs. Direct Mail Marketing

These days, with budgets so tights, many businesses are cutting corners by eliminating direct mail marketing campaigns in lieu of email-only. While this sounds like a sure way to save some moolah, it’s not necessarily the best course of action. In fact, studies have shown that while email marketing campaigns may be less expensive — […]

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Product Spotlight: Gel Highlighters

Pens are a perpetually popular promotional product (wow, say that five times fast!) — but there are a few alternatives to pens that offer similar value. One of these is highlighters — and a fairly new product that we think is all that is the gel highlighter. These breakthrough highlighters feature a gel stick that […]

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QR Codes: Yay or nay?

Here is an interesting perspective on the negative aspects of QR (quick response) bar codes for marketing products and services: Perhaps the biggest crime with QR codes is that most do not include any kind of call to action. They’re just there, with no further information or incentive. It’s marketing 101: define your value proposition […]

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More U.S. Manufacturing: What it Means to Jag & Our Clients

Recently, The Atlantic posted an interesting article about why manufacturing may be returning soon to the U.S.: As wages and shipping costs rise abroad, unemployment stays high at home, and strategic discontent with offshoring grows, U.S. Manufacturing finds itself facing its best chance at staging a comeback. American companies are considering a reversal of offshoring […]

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Time for a Tangerine Tango

Have you embraced Tangerine Tango? It’s the 2012 Pantone color of the year. This year, Pantone teamed up with cosmetics company Sephora to promote Tangerine Tango. I was just recently in my local Sephora store, and spotted an entire display dedicated to the Pantone color of the year. The two companies have even released a […]

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