How Online Ordering Works

Scenario: Your employee needs to order new business cards because she has been promoted.

Current Procedures:

  1. Employee fills out request form.
  2. Form is submitted to Administrative Assistant in the office.
  3. Admin verifies the information.
  4. The request form is emailed to the printing company.
  5. Two days later the Admin receives an emailed proof for the business cards. You will be billed for typesetting as well as for the business cards.
  6. There is a mistake on the card, go back to step one.
  7. Approved proof is signed and re-emailed back to the printer.
  8. The order is entered, printed and shipped.

This process can take as much as two weeks, or longer if there are errors in processing.

Procedures for Online Ordering:

1. Employee logs onto their customized catalog and clicks on the Business Cards icon in the product catalog. She scrolls down the list of employees and clicks on her name. The information from her most recent order is displayed; she simply overwrites and updates the fields that have changed. The program displays an instant color proof of the new business cards on screen. (She can print a PDF of this image for her file.) When she clicks the “add to order” button, the item is added to her shopping cart.

2. The order is sent directly to the plant for production.

This order ships within a week. 

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