Online Ordering FAQs

Q   What is the cost to set up & use the system?

A   Set-up cost depends on how many items you want to include in your catalog & how much you purchase on the system. We have a price schedule for set-up available upon request. There are no usage fees after the system has been set up.

Q   What is the additional cost for using the system to buy my printed products?

A   The items you buy from us cost the same, regardless of whether they are purchased online or via other methods. is not a production tool, but simply a more efficient way to buy the products you need. You may actually experience cost and time savings as a result of system efficiencies.

Q   My current buying method works fine. Why should I switch to online ordering?

A   No more emailing or faxing proofs back & forth, reduced production time for orders, greater accuracy of final printed products, easy reorders (especially for items with variable text), and streamlined order approval process. You may also discover greater cost savings by ordering online.

Q   How long does it take to get started?

A   Generally, it takes about 2 – 4 weeks for us to build your catalog, test it and go live. However, this is just a guideline; actual time frame will depend on how complex your site will be & the current workload for our development staff. We will do everything we can to ensure a timely transition for your company.

Q    How many items/users/cost centers/shipping locations/billing locations/etc. can we have?

A   The system is virtually unlimited. And because it is internet based, you don’t have to worry about storage capacity issues on your network server.

Q    Can I restrict access to certain items &/or certain portions of my catalog?

A   Yes! There are various levels of user access allowed. Ask your sales rep for more details and a demonstration to explain how this can work for your situation.

Q    How am I going to be sure we are getting our printing done without errors?

A   The great thing about this system is that you will get instant proofs in PDF format while you are online. During the initial set-up you will see and approve the catalog prior to going live, so you will be sure all static items (i.e. they never vary from one print order to the next) are correct. For variable text items on such things as business cards, you or your employees will enter the information that is pertinent and either approve the proof or make the change that is necessary. Before any job goes to the printer, you will have the opportunity to make sure it is correct.

Q    Will we ever see or hear from our sales rep after the system is up and running?

A   Actually, our experience has shown that the level of customer service has improved for our online catalog clients. We haven’t thrown away the phones or the fax machines, so we will always be there when you need us. But because the system is so easy to use, we actually spend less time communicating about mundane procedures (such as reorders) & more time working on more complex projects.

Q    But is a machine just getting my orders?

A    Nope. We still receive each and every order that comes through the online system, and either Jeff or Sara will personally manage the order from start to finish. So the same team that you know and trust with your existing orders, will still be keeping an eye on things on your behalf, every step of the way.

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