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Work From Home Essentials: Part 2

For many companies, having employees working from home continues to be the best practice during Covid-19. So we wanted to update our previous list of Work From Home Essentials with some new ideas, and a reminder about some of our favorite products, as well. Blue Light-Blocking Glasses remain one of our favorite work from home […]

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Top Trends Spotted at PPAI 2017

The Jag team went south to Las Vegas earlier this year for the 2017 PPAI Expo – the promotional product industry’s single largest trade show. It takes up two floors of the Mandalay Bay Convention Center – hundreds of thousands of square feet of space! Yes, it’s as overwhelming as it sounds! But it was […]

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New Product Spotlight: “The Cup”

Trends in promotional drinkware are always changing. In the last year, mason jars and mason jar-style drinkware have become hugely popular, and there are plenty of fun options to consider. We’ve seen acrylic wine “sippy cup” tumblers. Ever-changing water bottle styles in BPA-free acrylic, glass, and stainless steel. Ceramic and acrylic coffee cups styled to […]

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Fresh Ideas for Custom Wedding Favors

I’m getting married in just a couple weeks (commence bridal freak-out; Jag founder – aka Father of the Bride – has been in a mild state of panic since the engagement) — and that means in between working on client projects, I’ve been deeply entrenched in the world of weddings and bridal blogs and Pinterest. […]

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Product Spotlight: Colorful Mason Drinking Jars

If you haven’t been on Pinterest recently, then you may not be aware … but Mason Jars are THE hot thing in glass drinkware these days. And luckily, we are here to oblige with an adorable bevy of customizable mason jar options. We’ve got both your basic jar, and the “mason mug” that features a […]

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Wedding Invitations, Favors & More

Jag Forms is in a bit of a wedding cloud these days, with four big nuptials within the family coming up in the next ten months — including Jag’s Director of Sales and Marketing. (So yes, the Jag team is both bride AND father of the bride.) So a lot of our down time has […]

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Product Spotlight: Wine Tumbler

This is one of the funniest — yet practical — promotional products I’ve seen in a long time. Acrylic tumblers have become a hugely popular item in the last year or so — and this grown-up spin is just hilarious. The double-wall acrylic tumbler includes a floating stem and a snap-on plastic lid that lets […]

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