Trending Promo Products in 2022

Wondering what’s new in ’22? The real question isn’t what’s new (not much) so much as what’s trending. Here’s a look at what you should be thinking about as you plan your marketing and promotional purchases in 2022:


Top trends include retail-inspired styles (think of what you’d see for sale at Starbucks), pieces that can be used both at home and on the go, stylish ceramic mugs, water bottles, and insulated tumblers.


We’ve spent two years hunkering down at home; it’s no surprise folks want to make home a cozy and comfy place to be. Items like candles, plant kits, blankets, and charcuterie-style boards are all wonderful ideas.


For all it’s pitfalls, technology has also helped keep us connected. Accessories like bluetooth speakers, wireless earbuds and headphones, portable and wireless charging options, and smart plugs are all top trends in tech right now.


Some of us may never go back to the office, but even if we do, anything that can improve working from home (that can also be brought back to the office) are continuing to be popular choices. Think techy comfort items like Ember mugs, blue light glasses, ring lights to improve your video meeting game, desk organizers, and notebooks (both classic paper and techy trends like Rocketbook).


Comfort is king when it comes to apparel styles these days. Consider retail-inspired styles, anything made from a stretchy material, loungewear, socks, and trendy accessories like “waist bags,” Love Your Melon-style knit beanies, and scrunchies.


PPE and Covid-related products continue to be necessary, and remain a useful option for promotional products. Things like masks, mask holders, ear savers, touch-free keys, hand sanitizer, and vaccine card holders are all practical choices.

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