Meet the Jag Team

Jeff Gundell, President

Jeff has over 30 years of experience in the printing industry, including business forms, commercial printing and promotional products. He has developed a business philosophy that focuses on managing client projects to eliminate the stress associated with them. This allows his clients to better focus on their primary business needs and goals. Jeff graduated with a degree in Marketing from the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley in 1979. He currently assists with the Portland Chapter of the Haas Alumni Association. Following graduation, he spent seven years with Standard Register, and then founded Jag in 1986. He and his family moved to the Portland, Oregon area in 2001. If he’s not in the office, Jeff can often be found boating on the Willamette River or puttering in the backyard with his wife.

Sara Gundell, Director of Sales & Marketing

Sara spent many years working in the TV news industry before joining the family business here at Jag in 2012. Sara’s focus is on continuing her dad’s business philosophy and building Jag based on personal relationships and quality service, while transitioning the company’s approach to a 21st century mindset. Sara graduated from Portland State University with a degree in English in 2005. A passionate reader, she developed and runs the successful website Novel Novice, which highlights Young Adult literature. She was a volunteer author coordinator for Wordstock Festival, the Pacific Northwest’s largest book festival, for three years, and was a freelance writer for about YA literature and Disney travel. She previously served as an Associate Board Member for SMART Reading. She lives in the Portland, Oregon area with her family.

T-JagT-Jag, Director of Awesome

T-Jag, short for Tyrannosaurus Jag, is a plastic dinosaur whose main goal in life is to show you how awesome we are here at Jag Forms. He likes to pose for photo ops, and show off the latest in printing and promotional products. Sometimes, he may even pay a visit to our next client meeting.

Purchased on a whim for $1 at Walmart, T-Jag quickly became the mascot for Jag — and a source of endless entertainment. Follow all of T-Jags adventures HERE, and subscribe to our (very occasional) e-newsletter for updates.

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