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The next generation is here!

The Jag family has grown by two! Sara gave birth to her twins, Dax (left) & Lily (right) on Saturday, May 2nd. Everyone is healthy & happy at home. Even T-Jag is smitten.

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Thank Your Healthcare Workers

Healthcare workers are always doing their best to help people get and stay healthy and safe. But their work is especially hard right now during the global outbreak of Covid-19. Many are looking for ways to say thank you to healthcare professionals in their area. Here are a few ideas on ways you can say […]

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Work From Home Essentials

With more folks working from home these days, here are a few products that might make things easier. These make great gifts and incentives for both employees, as well as clients also working from their homes. Blue Light Blocking Glasses Perfect for working from home, and using when you’re back in the office, these glasses […]

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Product Spotlight: Kooty Key

Here’s a creative and innovative solution to being as “hands-free” as possible when out in public during the Coronavirus outbreak: The “Kooty Key” This little gadget comes on a mini-carabiner (and optional retractable badge holder), and is perfect for pushing buttons, opening door handles, turning on water spouts, flipping light switches, and more. It helps […]

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COVID-19 Essentials

It’s a weird time in our world, and the next days and weeks and months are filled with lots of uncertainty. One thing we’ve been inspired by is how our vendor-partners have stepped up to meet the increasing demand for essential items like hand sanitizer, face masks, and other PPE. If your business is in […]

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COVID-19 & Jag (& You)

It’s a weird time in the world right now, and things are changing constantly with regard to COVID-19 (or the Coronavirus), and how it is impacting both individuals, families, and businesses. Jeff & Sara both work from their respective homes, so it’s safe to say we’re self-isolating and social distancing with ease while still being […]

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Suck It Up: Reusable Straws Are Here to Stay

You can argue about the choice major companies like Starbucks and Disney have made to eliminate single-use plastic straws in their businesses all you want, but the reality is that reusable straws are here to stay, and they’re a trend worth embracing. When it comes to the promotional side of things, there are a variety […]

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The Family Business is Growing … By Two!

Dinosaurs lay eggs, but T-Jag is excited to become an uncle (of sorts) to TWINS. After two years of fertility treatments, Sara and her husband are excited to share that they are expecting boy-girl twins in May 2020. Don’t worry, Jeff (aka DadBoss, aka GrandpaBoss) will be holding down the fort when Sara goes on […]

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Promotions with PRIDE

June is Pride Month, and it’s not too late to put together some fun & meaningful promotions for this celebratory time. Here are a few of our favorite items for Pride — just add your logo or branding message, and they are good to go: Other ideas we love for Pride: Temporary tattoos (come in […]

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2019 T-Jag Desktop Wallpaper Calendar

Happy New Year, Jag Fam! We recently had a little too much fun creating a calendar for 2019 featuring our favorite plastic dinosaur T-Jag. Because we only printed a small quantity of physical calendars, we wanted to make sure EVERYONE could enjoy T-Jag throughout the year — so we created this free desktop wallpaper version […]

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