Photographer’s Favorites

Inspired by one of our clients, we’re kicking off a new series of blog posts here at Jag Forms, featuring promotional products and printing ideas specifically geared towards certain industries. Of course, there are always exceptions — and lots of products cross over to different fields very easily. But we still wanted to take a look at some specialized industries and the products that make the most sense for them.

Today, we’re featuring photography!

swivel driveCustom USB Drives

From the basic imprinted swivel-drive, to even new stylish designs — like the Credit Card USB, or custom shape USB drive. Photographers love USB drives because they are a small and convenient way to transfer a TON of data – say, a client’s digital photo files. Delivered in a pretty gift box, USB drives are an impressive and ahead-of-trend way to impress your photography clients.

Custom Writable CDs and DVDs

Not everyone’s budget can afford USB drives – s0 the tried and true option of delivering digital photo files on a CD or DVD is still popular. You can still make a big statement with custom imprinted discs – a much more stylish approach than affixing labels or hand-writing with Sharpie marker.

Labels & Stickers

If you’d like to buy blank CDs or CD cases in bulk, but still want to but your mark on them, consider buying customized stickers in bulk to affix to … well, just about anything.

magnet picture framePicture Frames

From a laser-engraved metal frame to an affordable magnet frame – make your photos center stage in this keepsake item that will remind clients of your name every time they need professional images.

Custom Calendars

12 months mean 12 opportunities to showcase your best work. These make a great year-end gift for clients and prospects — or offer a mid-year gift with a 16-month calendar. Select our favorite photos to showcase for each month of the year. Besides handing this out as a gift, you can also sell them to earn back some extra money.

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