Christmas is Coming: Gift Ideas

Christmas is coming. No, that’s not the new slogan of House Stark (yes, that’s a Game of Thrones joke!!) — but we do want you to start thinking about your holiday gifts for 2013. I know, I know — it’s only August! But NOW is definitely the time to start planning and even begin purchasing gifts for employees and clients for the upcoming holiday season.  (Psst! Now is also the time to start working on custom 2014 calendars!)

There are plenty of stand-by and traditional gift ideas that we love (see some of our picks here), but here are a few new products that we think are worth considering if you really want to step outside the box:

Cooler/Grill Combo

Give ’em a jump start on next year’s warm weather with this nifty cooler/grill combo travel kit. The upper compartment is an insulated cooler to hold drinks, hot dogs, etc. The lower compartment stores your compact, portable grill — which pops out easily for on-the-go cooking. When packed back up, the bag has convenient handles and a shoulder strap that makes it easy to carry to tailgate parties, picnics, camping trips, and more.

chill n grill 2 chill n grill 1chill n grill 3


Step up to the 21st century, with this new twist on the classic “Portfolio” or “Padfolio” corporate gift. This old standby is not going out of style — but there are new tech-friendly versions (we call them “e-portfolios”)  that still give you the option of jotting notes on a legal pad, while also doubling as a holder for your favorite tablet.

pedova case interiorMusic-on-the-Go

Small on size, but big on sound — that’s what we’re talking about with these mini-speakers that work with smart phones or MP3 players. There are lots of options available, but we think this particular one is pretty sleek looking! (It’s CUTE, come on …)

mini speakers

For the comments: What are your favorite custom gift ideas?

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