Saying “Yes” to Your Requests

If you are already one of our customers, you know that we take pride in saying “Yes” to your requests whenever possible (which is most of the time). We believe that this is another way that we “Add More Value” to our clients’ respective businesses.

vendors iconHave you ever wondered how we are able to do this? Actually, the answer is very simple: We treat our vendors with the same respect and value as our customers.

  • If a supplier makes a mistake on the price of a project (in our favor), we try to work with them to reduce or eliminate this added expense.
  • We ALWAYS take prompt pay discounts (which clearly helps us, too), so that our suppliers get paid as quickly as possible.
  • We do not quibble over or negotiate on the prices we are quoted on most orders; that way, when you have a project with a very tight budget, we are in a better position to ask for a favor that can help you to stay within budget.
  • We do not ask for rush delivery except when truly necessary. And when you need to meet a specific target delivery deadline, our vendors typically do whatever they can to help us out.
  • We are loyal to our trusted suppliers. They can count on us, and we can count on them. And that means, you can count on both of us!

We have said this before: When you meet with Sara or Jeff, you have the attention of the entirety of Jag. Make a request, and if it makes sense, we’ll do it. If it can happen, we will make it so. If it helps you, then we will do everything we can to take care of it. Our vendors are like partners to us, and collectively, we know that this is a healthy and intelligent approach to staying in business for a very long time. Our goal – here it is again – is to add more value to your business. If your request does that, we will find a way. Simple.

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