5 Ways to Reduce Your Printing Costs

Saving you money is always a top priority for us — and that’s why our expertise in the printing world can really be a huge benefit to you. We review every project that we work on to find and offer cost-saving alternatives for our clients. Sometimes, this is not possible, either because the job specifications must be followed exactly as presented, or because the particular item is already being produced as cost-effectively as possible.

jag notepadsThat said, here are a few tips to keep in mind as you work on upcoming print projects:

1. Make sure the final size of your printed piece utilizes the paper and press as effectively as possible.

For instance, if we are printing on a 23” wide sheet, make sure your piece is no more than 11” wide. If the printing bleeds, we will print two images wide & utilize 22 ½” sheet of paper, and there will be almost no wasted material. On the other hand, if your piece is 12” wide, we will only be able to print one image, and we will waste 10 ½ – 11” of material; very expensive (and not eco-friendly!).

2. Reducing the number of ink colors

Printing in one or two spot colors will always be less expensive than three, four, or more colors. We love finding creative ways to reduce costs by using a “screen” or a “half-tone” of a darker color to give the illusion of two-color printing, when you only have to pay for one.

That said, printing in full color is not always more expensive. Talk to us about the specifications of your project, and we’ll steer you in the right direction for your needs and your budget.

3. Utilizing standard colors

Some ink colors are what is considered a “standard” color, and is often kept on-hand by our plants. That means you save money because they don’t have to special order your ink color. We’re happy to talk to you about what colors will be less expensive.

4. Printing on less expensive paper

In many cases, the type of paper you use is unlikely to affect the final image your piece conveys — but can save you big bucks.

5. Simplifying bindery work

That is, labor processes that occur after the sheet has been printed, such as die-cutting, rounded corners, etc. The more post-print work you add, the higher your price can get. As with anything in the custom print industry, we know lots of shortcuts and alternative ways to achieve a high-quality, custom look for a lot less.

Remember, your occasional project is our business; we do this every day. When we help you to save money, we know that helps your business to be more successful. And that, in turn, allows us to be part of more of your projects.

Rest assured that when you bring a project to Jag, we are going to offer suggestions to make it as economical and cost-effective as possible. You do not need to memorize these tips – that’s why we’re here. It’s just one more way we add more value for you!

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