More Ideas for Book Promotions

Last week, we featured some real-life examples of projects we’ve done for authors and publishers looking to promote their books. And in the past, we’ve talked about some popular promotional product ideas for books and authors.

Today, we want to share even more! These are some of our favorite ideas for authors and/or publishers to consider when promoting different books:

Character Swag

Maybe your character is known for wearing a plastic ring or a special charm bracelet. Or maybe he loves Hershey’s miniatures. Or maybe she wears a certain piece of jewelry, or has an iconic pair of sunglasses. Simon & Schuster recently sent out pairs of red heart-shaped sunglasses for Morgan Matson’s new book Since You’ve Been Gone. You’ll notice they’re the same sunglasses one of the characters is wearing on the book’s cover:

since you've been gone since you've been gone mailer

Whatever this item is – why not produce it for your fans to wear, as well. Go the extra mile for promoting your book and customize this item with your book title, cover art, or a quote from the character. Something that makes it distinct and connects it specifically to your book.

Themed Promos

Similarly, you can choose promotional goodies that compliment the theme of your book, or even your cover design. Is there a specific item or image that stands out? Send me your cover, your synopsis & your budget, and I’ll brainstorm an assortment of items for you to choose from that can all help boost promotion of your book!

For example, when Lindsey Leavitt sent me the cover and synopsis for her new book, The Chapel Wars, I immediately went for whatever heart-shaped item I could find. Here are just some of the ideas I suggested:

High rez the chapel warsaluminum heart key tag chocolate hearts - red wrapper heart acrylic key tag heart magnetic clip heart-shaped inkbend pen

It’s All in the Packaging

Sometimes, all it takes to grab readers’ attention is some clever packaging. Take, for example, this brilliant marketing package from Simon & Schuster for their new YA thriller Killer Instinct. The book arrived wrapped in a plastic evidence bag, and was accompanied by a fake police report and “suspect photo” (which happens to match the girl on the book’s cover):

killer instinct

Think about the cover, design, and theme of your book – and let us brainstorm clever ways to package it that will grab attention!

Collectible Posters, Postcards, or Trading Cards

Give fans another reason to come out to your events (besides meeting you and getting their books signed, of course) by offering something exclusive they can collect. I love the trading cards we recently produced for author Jill Dodd, featuring characters from her book series The Keatyn Chronicles. Fans can log onto her website to find out which cards will be available at which event.

card2 front layout card2 back layout Card1_back_proof

In the past, best-selling author Cassandra Clare offered a similar deal, but with mini-posters instead. Fans could find a different collectible mini-poster for her Infernal Devices series, depending on which of her events they attended.

You could do something similar with trading cards and posters, or other items like postcards, booklets, stickers, bookmarks, even a custom piece designed to tie-in with the theme of your book.

Entice Readers

Recently, I’ve seen more and more authors offer a certain incentive to get readers to purchase or pre-order their book. For example, Claudia Gray offered readers who pre-ordered her latest book, Steadfast, the chance to win one of 10 custom mugs (which we just happened to produce).  One grand-prize winner also got a gift card, and everyone who submitted proof of pre-ordering received a bookmark.

steadfast bookmarks steadfast mug

There is no end to the ideas for custom promotional pieces we can come up with for your book — and brainstorming ideas with you is one of our favorite parts of this job! So don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

For the comments: What are some of your favorite book promotions?


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3 Comments on “More Ideas for Book Promotions”

  1. Sara | Novel Novice April 29, 2014 at 1:28 pm #

    Reblogged this on Novel Novice and commented:

    Expanding on last week’s post, here are even MORE ideas for ways to promote your book. I’d LOVE to work with any of you authors and/or publishers out there through my family business, Jag Forms, on coming up with fun, creative ways to promote your latest title(s).

  2. Maura Statman May 23, 2014 at 11:16 am #

    It’s all about being creative and thinking outside the box! I love the packaging example. It’s a great way to spark interest in the story.


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