Case Study: Wedding Printing & Favors

When my husband and I started planning our wedding last year, we sat down and figured out which vendors we’d need to find. Our venue provided many services already, so that left us with a short list. When it came time to find a source for printing our invitations, programs, etc. and finding customized favors, we had another easy solution: Jag! I teamed up with my dad, and we put together the designs and options for every printed and customized favor that was used for our wedding.

Here’s where we started:


Photo by May Gunsul Photography

My maid-of-honor was the extremely talented author and illustrator Brie Spangler, who graciously created a one-of-a-kind drawing of my husband and I dressed as bride and groom. This illustration became the basic design we used for all of our imprinted materials.

Using this illustration, we designed a suite of printed materials for our wedding:

  • Save the Date postcards
  • Invitations
  • RSVP cards
  • Invitation inserts
  • Escort cards
  • Ceremony programs
  • Custom Mad Libs (in lieu of menu cards)
  • Thank You cards

To save costs, we purchased a custom return address stamp and then purchased blank envelopes for the invitations, RSVPs, and thank you cards (rather than paying for custom imprinted envelopes).


Photo by May Gunsul Photography

For favors, we had a couple pieces. First, we wanted a pen to pair up with the custom Mad Libs we’d designed.

Then, we wanted an ACTUAL favor that guests would want to take home with them. Given that our wedding would be taking place at Timberline Lodge, a ski resort on Oregon’s Mt. Hood, in the middle of winter, we went with a custom ice scraper. It was a huge hit! I’ve heard lots of stories about how guests always leave the favors behind – but judging by the lack of leftover favors, that was not a problem in our case.

For our bridal party, we wanted a special touch for their thank you gifts, which we handed out at the rehearsal dinner. We went back to the original illustration that inspired our design, and created custom tote bags — which we then filled with personalized gifts for each member of our bridal party, as well as our parents and select out-of-town guests.

Finally, we designed four lots of 1″ celluloid buttons, which were left out on the guest book table for guests to wear. This was really a bonus favor item — but I love celluloid buttons, and collect them, so I just had to have some for our wedding. Luckily, our guests seemed to love them, too!

See more ideas for custom wedding favors here, then tell us in the comments your ideas!

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