T-Jag’s Top Moments at the PPAI Expo

T-Jag took his first trip to the PPAI Expo this January, and boy, was he excited! First, the glittering lights of Las Vegas … then, the excitement of thousands of promotional products vendors! Here are T-Jag’s highlights from the trip:

PDX Carpet Selfie

With the cult favorite carpet at Portland International Airport being replaced, T-Jag had to start the trip by snapping a selfie on the famous carpet, before boarding his flight to Las Vegas.

tjag pdx carpetBadge Envy

T-Jag was really jealous that he didn’t get a fancy show badge like Jeff & Sara did.

tjag ppai
I Scream, T-Jag Screams, We All Scream for Ice Cream!

We made it up to T-Jag by getting him this delicious sundae from Ghiradelli’s.

tjag ice cream
Exhibits Galore

T-Jag was wowed by the vastness of the show floor, which was actually TWO floors of the Mandalay Bay Convention Center exhibit space.

tjag expo floor1
Boss Man’s Birthday

T-Jag found the perfect card to celebrate Jeff’s birthday, which was one of the days we were at the trade show.

tjag bday card
Welcoming the Spouses

T-Jag is a single man (bachelor for life, he tells us), but he was more than happy to welcome Jeff and Sara’s spouses, when they arrived for the last day of the trade show, before squeezing in a couple days of fun.

tjag spouses
T-Jag’s BBQ

One of our last stops at the trade show was at the booth for Weber Grills (where Sara won a new Q1200 grill!) — T-Jag was excited to discover they had a mini grill perfectly sized for all his BBQ needs.

tjag bbq

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