Expo New Product Spotlight: Custom Woven Socks

During our recent trip to the PPAI Expo in Las Vegas in January, we were able to discover some great new (or “new to us”) products, and we’re excited to share some of our favorites with you here on the Jag website.

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socks1SOCKS! Who doesn’t love socks? Who doesn’t wear socks? We all wear socks, at one time or another. And we LOVE the idea of custom woven socks as a promotional item because it’s so unique, so universally useful, and offers you the chance to give away an item with a little levity.

We’ve seen custom socks before, where they are made from a polyester fabric which is dye-sublimated for the custom imprint. We like dye-sublimating as an imprint process — but not in this case. First of all, the polyester socks just don’t feel nice … and secondly, the dye-sublimated imprint just isn’t that attractive on socks.

But we discovered a way to get custom woven socks … like the kinds you’d buy at Target, JC Penney, or any other store … but with your own logo or design woven into the pattern! The possibilities are seemingly endless, and the minimum order is a very reasonable 100 pieces.

Besides just being a very cool promotional item all on its own — you can easily pair up the socks with other items for added value (we’re thinking a coffee mug, for starters).

Plus, if someone is wearing a cool pair of socks, they are more inclined to show them off … if those cool socks happen to bear your logo, think of the impact that will have!

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