Top 30 Summer Promotional Items


Summer is just around the corner & that’s got us thinking about some of our favorite promotional products for the season! (Especially since it’s definitely not too soon to start ordering your summer promo items). In honor of our 30th anniversary this year, here’s our picks for the Top 30 Summer Promotional Items:

1. Beach balls

beach ball

2. Sunglasses


3. Picnic blankets

picnic blanket2

4. Water bottles & drink tumblers

water bottle

5. Cooler bags

cooler bags

6. BBQ tool sets

grill mate set

7. Beach towel clips

beach towel clips

8. Picnic gift sets

picnic set2

9. Mason drinking jars

mason bottles1

10. Wine2Go tumblers

wine sippy tumbler

11. Portable grill

chill n grill 2

12. Sunscreen


13. Bug spray

sunscreen spray

14. Hand sanitizer

hand sanitizer

15. Balsa wood gliders

balsa glider

16. Frisbees

5-in translucent flyer

17. Beach towels


18. Custom flip-flops

flip flops6

19. Visors


20. T-shirts

tshirt android

21. Personal fans & misters

personal mini mister

22. Camping chairs


23. Beach mats

beach matt

24. Can & bottle “koozies”

can kooler

25. Hand fans

hand fan

26. Lip balm with SPF


27. Beachy tote bags

beach bag

28. Sand pails

sand pail

29. Neck coolers

neck coolers

30. Bubbles


For the comments: What are YOUR favorite summer promotional items?


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