Thank Your Healthcare Workers

Healthcare workers are always doing their best to help people get and stay healthy and safe. But their work is especially hard right now during the global outbreak of Covid-19.

Many are looking for ways to say thank you to healthcare professionals in their area. Here are a few ideas on ways you can say thanks and give back to those giving their all:


An especially good water bottle is a prized possession for anyone, but especially for healthcare workers working long days right now. Consider something made from double-walled stainless steel with a vacuum seal, or maybe a BPA-free bottle with an easy-touch flip-top drinking spout.


Aside from their usual scrubs, most healthcare workers are donning tons of extra protective gear right now to protect themselves against the Coronavirus. Give them something cozy and comfortable to layer on top of their basics when they head home, like a super luxe hoodie or a zip-up knit jacket.

Wireless Power

Working long days means a drain on phones and other devices. A sleek power bank is a great way for workers to juice up their devices throughout a long shift. It’s still important for them to stay connected with love ones.

Touch-Free Assistance

No one wants to be touching surfaces in public anymore than necessary right now, especially those working in a hospital or other healthcare facility. This nifty “kooty key” — which is attached to a retractable badge holder, perfect for healthcare workers — is designed to help you push buttons, pull down or lift up on door latches, faucets, etc. without using your hands.


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