Top 5 Favorite Promo Products from PPAI Direct-2-You

We saw a TON of new and newly-imagined products at this year’s PPAI Direct-2-You virtual trade show for the promotional products industry. Here are our top 5 favorite items we saw this year:

1. Car Visor Mask Dispenser

This is the one item that got us both extremely excited when we first saw it, and I’m still pretty pumped by the idea of this item.

It fits onto your car visor, and holds up to 20 face masks (it comes with 10), so you’ve always got an easy and convenient stash on-hand when you’re out running errands. It’s so useful and practical, and we haven’t seen anything else like it to date.

What’s even more exciting? This is longevity long past Covid-19, because when it’s not holding face masks, it’s also a facial tissue dispenser, so you’ll have Kleenex close at hand when you’re in the car.

2. Hand Sanitizer Pen

Pens with antimicrobial coating on them became a new trend in the latter half of last year, but we’ve now started seeing some sleek pen designs that not only include this antimicrobial coating, but they also include an integrated hand sanitizer dispenser.

Pens are one of the most perennially popular promotional items, because it’s an item that is ALWAYS useful. But add-in the high-demand hand sanitizer that everyone wants and needs on-hand these days, and you’ve definitely got a trending winner for 2021.

3. Command Hooks

We’ve loved being able to offer custom branded 3M products for a while now, especially because as far as we’re concerned, Post-It(TM) brand sticky notes are beyond compare. So we were pretty excited to discover that 3M’s line-up of promotional products now include Command Hooks.

These are useful, practical items with high visibility. Plus, imagine your customers or employees using these branded hooks at home to help organize their homes and home offices!

4. Cake in a Card

Over the last year, we’ve all learned to change the way we celebrate birthdays, holidays, and other milestones. We love the concept of this “cake in a card,” which lets you send a DIY celebratory treat. It’s such a fun idea, and we could see this being a really fun way to give someone a little dose of cheer and a boost of morale.

The customized card includes baking case, mixing spoon, cake mix, frosting, sprinkles, measuring spoon, and a candle. (And a gluten-free option is available, too!) You get to customize the printing on the front & inside of the card.

5. Dinosaur Planter

Okay, this one is pretty self-indulgent. We saw a lot of cute, trendy new planters available for branding this year (like the others pictured above) — and while there were several stylish options we saw, we naturally have a strong preference for this dinosaur planter. The only thing better would be if it came as a T-Rex instead of a Brontosaurus, but we get it. Herbivores.

WANT TO KNOW MORE? Reach out to us via email at or & let us know which items you’re interested in.

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