Supply Chain Challenges

We all know that the last year has been full of challenges on so many fronts, and our industry has not been an exception. Perhaps one of the biggest issues to emerge for the promotional products industry as a result of this pandemic is the impact on our supply chains.

Our vendor partners are struggling to maintain inventory on certain items, when normally their inventory ran deep. Getting stateside inventory replenished from overseas manufacturers is bogged down with slower-than-usual production times in factories due to Covid-19 safety protocols, container shortages overseas, delayed shipments, and high congestion at all U.S. ports. Both air and sea shipments are backed up at Customs, waiting for clearance. Getting an estimated timeline for replenished stock is challenging and oftentimes uncertain. (“When will you have more in stock?” The answer is very often, honestly, “We just don’t know.”)

We understand that this is frustrating; believe me, we’re frustrated too. But our vendor partners are working as best they can with their suppliers, transporters, and logistics teams — and in the meantime, we’re here to help you fulfill your projects, even if it means finding alternative items or re-imagining the type of promotional product you might use for a particular project or order.

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