Case Study: Silicon Valley Community Foundation

Client Project:

Silicon Valley Community Foundation (SVCF) spinners


SVCF is a non-profit organization trying to save money by creating a low-use, but important presentation piece in-house. The client printed three sheets of paper on their color laser printer, then used scissors to cut each sheet into a circular shape, punched a center hole in all three sheets, then held them together with a paper fastener (normally used to hold reports in report covers). The result was unsatisfactory not only because it did not look professional, but also because it was not durable for multiple uses.


The spinner is intended to be used in presentations and group meetings with potential large donors. It must look professional and be durable for constant and repeated usage. However, cost is still an important factor.


Jag partnered with a local design agency to create a professional looking piece that could be printed digitally to save money. To further manage cost, we decided to use a heavy sheet of paper rather than cardboard or plastic, then laminated each of the sheets for durability and a high quality finish. Our bindery used a permanent grommet to hold them together.


The client received exactly what they wanted, and they paid less than expected for the final product.

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