Case Study: Western Athletic Clubs

Client Project:

Western Athletic Clubs (WAC) e-Commerce program


WAC is a high-end regional chain of athletic clubs, and each club has a unique name, logo and identity. All clubs use a number of corporate WAC-logo’d items, as well as items printed with the individual club identity. Many of these unique items are the same for each club, with the only difference being the specific club logo and ink color. Many of the items are printed in large quantities and then stored in Jag’s warehouse for future distribution to the clubs, or to their mailing houses as requested. Each club has at least one person who buys &/or orders stored items from Jag. The corporate office has several buyers, some of whom may purchase items for inventory storage, and others who have more limited purchasing/release authority. In total, WAC has more than 20 different buyers and more than 20 different shipping addresses for their printed materials.


How can we more efficiently manage this client’s needs and maintain or reduce their costs?


We implemented our e-commerce system, and managed each authorized user’s access to catalog items, shipping locations & purchasing limitations based on the specific requirements of the customer. The managing user was given access & authority to purchase all items in the catalog, including the rights to replenish warehouse inventory, charge costs to the entire spectrum of cost centers and ship to all locations in the database. Club-based users were given access to items for use only at their individual clubs (including corporate items used by all clubs), and given authority to purchase only the items that are not stored at Jag’s warehouse when printed; for these items, club users were given authority to release specific quantities from the warehouse, but not to purchase additional inventory.


Remote (club-based) users may order items in need directly from Jag, so central purchasing person can spend more time on his or her job responsibilities. Orders are delivered more quickly. Real-time inventory updating and reporting has reduced stock outages and rush order expenses. Client has been able to print combined orders for items with similar specifications, further reducing printing costs.

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