More U.S. Manufacturing: What it Means to Jag & Our Clients

Recently, The Atlantic posted an interesting article about why manufacturing may be returning soon to the U.S.:

As wages and shipping costs rise abroad, unemployment stays high at home, and strategic discontent with offshoring grows, U.S. Manufacturing finds itself facing its best chance at staging a comeback.

American companies are considering a reversal of offshoring and outsourcing to reduce risk, improve agility, shorten product development cycle, and improve their ability to simplify increasingly complex supply chain management.

Missing from this list is innovation, but US companies that commit to engaging American workers in their innovation efforts may also increase their ability to justify manufacturing their products at home.

If the trend towards more manufacturing in the U.S. is real, then it is likely we will start to see more domestic production of print and promotional products. While this may not lead to a reduction in costs, it’s probably safe to expect a little more parity in U.S. vs. overseas manufacturing in the future.

And that will allow companies such as Jag to offer our customers the benefits of faster and more reliable deliveries, as well as more efficient communications (ie, much quicker response from domestic compared to overseas factories) and more positive responses to rush order requests, last-minute order changes, etc.

What are your thoughts on the trend? Share in the comments below.

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