Swag for a Good Cause

If you have ever exhibited at, or simply attended a trade show, you know that there is an abundance of promotional items, or “swag” being handed out. But what happens to the leftovers? Many companies pack up what they do not give away and take it back to the office for the next show. Let’s face it, there’s usually a fair amount of money tied up in these goodies. And for many companies, these items represent a large portion (maybe 100%) of their marketing budgets. But it’s a pain to pack up these materials, and employees often complain (loudly, I might add) about the extra work, as well as about having to carry the extra materials back with them.

Boston.com recently featured an interesting story about how the Massachusetts Convention Center Authority is trying to turn this potential headache into a win-win situation for all parties.

Under the “Conventions CARE” program, companies participating in events at the convention center can place their unwanted promotional items in marked bins at the exhibit hall. The convention center then sorts and distributes those items to area nonprofit organizations.

We love this option for getting rid of leftover swag — but while most convention centers and exhibit halls don’t offer the sort of service they have in Boston, Jag can help you out!

Talk to us before your next trade show! Besides helping you get the best “swag,” we can also provide you with custom shipping labels to distribute your leftover promotional items to the nonprofit(s) of your choice. Not only will your extras be going to a good cause — but you’ll able to contribute specifically to a nonprofit of your choice, in the community of your choice.

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