Product Spotlight: Gel Highlighters

Pens are a perpetually popular promotional product (wow, say that five times fast!) — but there are a few alternatives to pens that offer similar value. One of these is highlighters — and a fairly new product that we think is all that is the gel highlighter.

These breakthrough highlighters feature a gel stick that works on ALL paper surfaces (even glossy, or thin paper),won’t dry out if left uncapped, and it won’t smear your ink.

I received a sample of one of these gel highlighters a few months ago, and I’ve been using it obsessively ever since. I won’t use any other highlighter — that’s how good it is!

Gel highlighters are available in a variety of colors (any of your standard highlighter neon shades), and a various styles. Contact us now to find one that will be YOUR favorite highlighter.

(Looking for another cool alternative to the standard pen? Try a custom Sharpie marker!)

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