Better Swag for Your Next Event

Conventions, conferences, expos, and other similar events happen year round — but tend to really kick into high gear after the holidays. As you prepare for another year of trade shows and the like, consider spicing up your giveaways.

It’s common for companies to offer up some kind of swag at their booths during trade shows and similar events. These goodies are, after all, a great way to (a) draw people to your booth initially and (b) send them home with your company’s name front and center.

But if you want to make a true impact with your trade show swag, make sure you’re offering up something that is:

  • Useful or desirable to people
  • Something people will want to carry home with them
  • Something they will use; something that will keep your name visible long after the trade show is over
  • Unique & different from the other swag being handed out

Remember: you don’t have to brainstorm these ideas on your own. At Jag Forms, we love helping you find the best products for your needs. It’s also our job to know about the newest and coolest promotional products out there — and to find new, creative ways to use the tried-and-true favorites. (For example: bags are always popular at trade shows, but lots of companies give them out. Stand out by offering a style and/or design that people will want — a bag that will have people saying, “Where did you get that? I want one!”)

For more tips on the best swag, we recommend checking out these articles:

For the comments: Tell us about the best swag you’ve ever gotten (or given)!

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