Product Spotlight: Credit Card USB Drives

These are one of our favorite new products this year: credit card-style USB drives. They are the size and shape of a credit card, just slightly thicker — with a fold-out USB drive attached.

USB drives have been an extremely popular promotional product over the last few years, and for good reason: they are modern, relatively affordable, and they are hugely popular with the end user. Customers will be eager to snatch up a custom USB drive for practical purposes, but that keeps your logo and brand in front of them on a regular basis. Plus, in many cases, you can pre-load information about your company or your marketing campaign directly onto the USB drive — so when someone goes to use it, they also get more access to your campaign.

The beauty of these new credit card-style USB drives is three-fold:

1. It fits neatly into your pocket or wallet

2. It offers lots of space to imprint your logo or brand identity

3. It’s totally new & unique — your end-user will be intrigued by this cool gadget!

We’ve already had one client use these, to great success — and we can’t wait to explore additional decorating options. Give us a call if you want to know more!

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