Product Spotlight: Frizzy Fingers

frizzy fingersTechnology is all the rage these days — both in the promotional products industry and in every day life. How many of you had an iPad or other high-tech gadget (or accessory) on your holiday wish list?

But sometimes a low-tech/no-tech promotional goodie is just the ticket to standing out — especially when it’s fun, brightly colored, unique in appearance, and is the perfect accessory for all of your favorite gadgets.

That’s why these “frizzy fingers” are one of our favorite new products here at Jag Forms. These small, microfiber “fingers” are perfect for dusting off your laptop and wiping off smudgy fingerprints from your tablet or touch-screen cell phone.

I nabbed a sample in hot pink a few months ago, and keep it next to my desk because I use it all the time. Now imagine the payoff if this nifty little item had your logo on it — front and center, in front of my face every day. Now that’s marketing with a long-lasting message.

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