Added Value

All salespeople and sales organizations preach the “relationship” sale to their prospects and clients. That is, we want to develop a relationship so we can work together for a long time, not just on a single transaction. That’s well and good, and it implies that a bond will be created based on trust, reliability, quality, and even accountability (generally speaking).

sara jeff

Jeff & Sara, the Jag Team!

However, this approach often fails to address what we believe is the most important reason for doing business together – adding value to your company. We believe – and try to ensure – that every time we work together we are adding value to your business. And for the record, this goes both ways, because we certainly want the relationship to add value to our business.

Jag has been in business since 1986, and for these past 27 years, we have successfully developed many long-term relationships. In fact, several of our clients have been working with us since we opened our doors! Clearly, these clients trust us, have found us to be reliable (and accountable!), and find the quality of our products and services to be outstanding. But the key to such loyalty continues to be the value proposition.

Every day, we ask ourselves how we can add value to our clients’ businesses, and we work hard to earn continued loyalty for the next 27 years and beyond.

Over the coming weeks and months, we’ll be sharing more blog posts about how we add value to your business. But we want you to join the conversation, too: what else can we do to add even more value to your business?

We invite you to share your thoughts in the comments below, call or email us, or come grab a cup of coffee with us and swap ideas in person.

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