Excited About Doing Business (Again)

not tjagAfter 30+ years in the same business, things can become old, mundane, stale, or just about any other adjective that comes to mind. In my case, that “other” adjective is “exciting.”  And I owe that feeling to my daughter Sara – you know, the redhead who is my co-worker these days.

When Sara and I made the decision to turn Jag into a family business, my first thought, was that this meant I would have to really pay attention to all the rules that govern managers who run a business. While this is not difficult to do – after all, I have been doing it for about 30 years – it does require a certain amount of attention to detail that a single person entity can skip past without consequence. OK, not so much fun, but it’s part of the price we pay to turn our business into a lasting legacy that can & will survive our own retirement.

And I had heard so many horror stories (good ones, also, to be sure) about how family businesses actually ruined family relations, that I was more than a little concerned about my decision. But as “new” Jag approaches 2 years old, I am happy to report that the changes have been overwhelmingly positive. Sara and I have fun making sales calls together, going to networking events, traveling to see clients, and working on ways to improve our business. We are in the midst of fine-tuning our marketing efforts, as well as teaching Sara about the financial inner workings of business.

I find myself looking forward to every day at work, much as I did when I first started my career, and also as I was getting Jag off the ground in 1986 and 1987. I am excited to share my knowledge with Sara, and equally excited to learn from her. I think we make a great team, and certainly feel – hope – that our enthusiasm is evident to our customers and valued suppliers. We are excited about the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead for us in 2014 and beyond, and we look forward to working and growing with you as our journey progresses.

– Jeff, Jag Founder & President (and Sara’s Dad)

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