Marketing Resources (We Have Them!)

jag marketing04I’m sure you’ve heard an older person tell a younger one that “I’ve forgotten more than you’ve learned.” Well, here’s my true confession . . . I graduated with a degree in Marketing, and literally forgot that fact for almost 25 years. I was sitting in a client’s office a few years ago, and I was asked if I knew someone with a marketing background who could assist them on a project. It was not until I left their office and was driving to my next meeting when I realized that I had all of the necessary qualifications to handle their project. Did I ever feel like an idiot!!!

Jag is not a marketing agency per se, but we are both experienced with –and have a background in – marketing. We are careful to make this distinction with clients, because sometimes all you need is some assistance with a particular project or with the implementation of a marketing strategy. We are happy to assist, and based on feedback we have received, have provided excellent results for our clients. However, if you are looking for an agency to create and implement a marketing or rebranding program from start to finish, we are well positioned to work with the agency on your behalf. We also know some great marketing agencies, and are happy to refer you (based on your stated needs and budget).

Marketing materials and services (i.e. design, mailing, fulfillment, distribution) represent a large part of our business. With our marketing backgrounds and experience, we can add more value to your marketing efforts, and often without any additional cost to you. It’s just one more thing to remember about Jag. I won’t forget – I promise!

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