Best Travel-Themed Promotional Products

Regardless of whether you work in the travel or hospitality industry, travel-themed promotional products can be a great idea to promote your brand. They are perfect for travel or hospitality-based companies — but other industries can benefit from using these promotional products, too. Why? Because if you’ve picked a clever product, your name will log just as many frequent flier miles as the person you’ve given it to!

With that in mind, here are some of our favorite travel-themed promotional products:

Travel Amenities

Toothbrushes, ear plugs, eye masks, and sets of travel-sized toiletries cases are a great way to get  your brand name out there, while giving people the little items they always need when they travel. Some amenities cases come pre-loaded with travel-sized toiletries, or with TSA-approved 3 oz bottles for filling with your own favorite liquids (like shampoo, lotion, etc.).

ear plugs eye mask toiletries3

Luggage Tags

Everyone needs them. But where do you actually buy them? I can’t remember the last time I purchased my own luggage tag because I can so often find one given to me as a promotion, be it from AAA or the Disney Parks or some other company. What’s more, there are a wide variety of styles of luggage tags available to suit every specific promotion and every budget.

luggage tag - journey luggage tag - soft touch luggage tag loop

This luggage tag even includes a sewing kit, as well:

luggage tag sewing kit1 luggage tag sewing kit2

Passport Covers & Travel Document Holders

Keep those important documents safe and in a handy location when you travel! Much like the luggage tags, these tend to come in a variety of price points.

travel wallet travel wallet1 travel wallet2

Hand Sanitizers

Germs. Airports, airplanes, buses, trains, etc. are all covered in germs. So a nifty travel-sized bottle of hand sanitizer is always a desired item for travelers — made even more so if you choose a promotional style that includes an easy way to attach it to a bag.

hand sanitizer1 hand sanitizer3 hand sanitizer4

Toiletries Cases, Bags & Luggage

Of course you can’t talk about travel without talking about luggage! For smaller price points, consider a variety of toiletries cases or carry-on tote bags. For bigger budgets, go all-out with stylish suitcases, rolling bags, and duffels.

double bag garment bag roller bag

roller duffel toiletries1 toiletries2

Neck Pillows & Travel Blankets

Most airlines charge now for the use of pillows and/or blankets on their flights, so more passengers are bringing their own. Get your name out there by giving away branded neck pillows and travel blankets — or a gift set containing both. Again, there are a variety of options at different price points, even including name brands like Brookstone on the higher-end side.

travel blanket travel pillow travel pillow2

For the comments: What other items would you recommend for travel-themed promotions?

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