The Personal Touch of Print

For 25+ years, people have been saying — and saying to us, specifically — that “print is dead.”

jag marketing03We can safely tell you, print is very much alive & well.

Not only does print — printed paper, the printed word — continue to thrive, but in some ways, it is seeing a Renaissance, of sorts. Think of it this way: picture your email Inbox at the beginning of the day. How many of those new messages are junk? Now picture your physical mail box. How much is junk? If it’s anything like our mailbox, you’re not seeing a lot of junk mail in your physical mail box these days.

As a result, we’re seeing (personally, and through our clients) a major boost in the effectiveness of direct mail pieces.

The same can be said for the personal touch of a hand-written note. An article from Chase says it nicely:

In today’s digital age, receiving a handwritten note in the mail elicits the same warm feeling as when a neighbor would bake you an apple pie to welcome you to the neighborhood.

It would be ignorant to ignore the power of digital communications these days — email, social media, etc. — but it’s a big pond to have your voice stand out in, and your audience can be overwhelmed with so much digital traffic. That makes the power of a personal, physical, printed piece so much more impactful.

So before you go all digital, think about the power, and the personal touch, of a physical, printed piece.

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