Print: A Tradition That Lives On

The masses have been proclaiming the death of print for years now; decades ago, with the advent of home computers and desktop printers, people warned us that print was on its way out and the printing side of our business would soon be dead in the water.

We can safely tell you it is alive and well. Thriving, in fact.

And it’s not just because “old people” are still buying and using printed materials. In fact, the printed word is increasingly popular with younger demographics. Sure, going green, switching to electronic documents, and saving paper is a high priority. (That’s why we continually educate ourselves and our customers on the true environmentally friendly practices of our industry.)

But the tradition and tactile feel of paper is something that just can’t be duplicated.

bookshelves3Speaking to the publishing industry — but something you can consider an important influencer in regards to other print media, including direct mail pieces — this recent article in The Guardian showcases that sales of print books have vastly increased over e-books, particularly so in the 16-24 age demographic. Why? One young reader explains:

We’re not at all disillusioned with traditional mediums of print and publishing; I’m still more than happy to read something that’s written on paper, be that a book or a newspaper, and whilst emails and WhatsApp and these new digital means of communication are useful, nothing’s stopping me from enjoying receiving a letter.

Sometimes, innovation just doesn’t beat tradition.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard this. Time and again, the feedback we hear and see — with increasing frequency — is that in an ever-growing digital world, there is a higher demand for the physical, printed piece. And in fact, the proliferation of digital marketing has actually made direct mail pieces more effective and valuable than ever before. Consider how much less physical mail you receive these days; that makes a physical direct mail piece stand out MORE in your mailbox, than any sort of e-mail or web marketing, with which we are bombarded constantly.

Print is a tradition that just won’t quit. LONG LIVE PRINT!

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