The History of Jag

30th_history-of-jag1986. Jeff and a partner started a business with the goal of selling primarily business forms. This is something Jeff had been doing for several years for another company, before deciding he could sell the same product, offer better customer service, and have more control over his career and how he spent his time, by doing it himself.

Jag was born.

IMG_1501editedAfter a couple years, Jeff split from his partner, but continued his focus on selling business forms, as well as stationery and business cards to his growing roster of clients in the San Francisco Bay Area. Very quickly, client needs lead Jeff to expand his product offerings to include commercial full-color printing, promotional products, and logo’d apparel.

In 1991, Jag became one of the first companies to adapt to using the new electronic forms design software. This marked the beginning of a long tradition for Jag as a leader of adopting and utilizing technological advances well ahead of the competition. Jag launched its original company website in 1996 and implemented its signature e-commerce program (originally called in 1999.

When Jeff and his family relocated to the Portland, Oregon area in 2001 — so, too, did Jag. We’ve been here ever since.

Over those years, Jag has continued to expand its offering of products and services: warehousing, graphic design, fulfillment, direct mail services, etc.

IMG_1558editedIn 2012, Jag became a family business when Jeff’s daughter Sara joined the team. After several years working in local TV news left her burned out, Sara went looking for something that would reinvigorate her and provide for her. Jag was the perfect fit. In addition to learning from the “University of Dad,” Sara also took over marketing for the company. She informed her dad that the ’90s called & wanted their website back. She launched Jag’s online re-branding almost immediately, also expanding Jag’s reach through social media.

T-Jag joined the team in 2013, becoming the company’s unofficial prehistoric mascot and a source of much levity and amusement for both Sara and Jeff, as well as for their clients, vendors, and friends.

In 2014, Jag was named a finalist in the Excellence in Family Business Awards, presented by Oregon State University’s Austin Family Business Program.

And most recently in 2015, Jag saw the possibility for a future generation come into being: Jeff’s granddaughter, and Sara’s niece, Jocelynn Antonia Gundell (yes, the initials JAG) was born. It will be a while before anyone knows whether Jocelynn has any interest in becoming the third generation to be a part of Jag, but she shows that the possibilities for another 30 years in business certainly exist.

jag crew

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