Suck It Up: Reusable Straws Are Here to Stay

You can argue about the choice major companies like Starbucks and Disney have made to eliminate single-use plastic straws in their businesses all you want, but the reality is that reusable straws are here to stay, and they’re a trend worth embracing.

When it comes to the promotional side of things, there are a variety of options available for branding reusable straws and getting your company’s message out there in an environmentally friendly way. Here’s a look at some of the ways you can suck it up and embrace reusable straws in your next marketing piece:

Straws on the Go

With options ranging from a couple bucks, to fancy options that run $30+, these reusable straws are easy for anyone to grab and take with them anywhere they go, and then wash for easy reuse. Materials used include silicone, stainless steel, and even wheat straw!

What if I still need a single-use straw?

Let us introduce you to our old friend … paper. Paper straws are back & better than ever. Or for another option, try bamboo!

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