COVID-19 & Jag (& You)

covid19It’s a weird time in the world right now, and things are changing constantly with regard to COVID-19 (or the Coronavirus), and how it is impacting both individuals, families, and businesses.

Jeff & Sara both work from their respective homes, so it’s safe to say we’re self-isolating and social distancing with ease while still being here to do our jobs. You could say it’s been a seamless transition for us (lol). Although we aren’t going out to meet with clients in person at this time, we’re always a phone call or video conference away.

Most of our vendor partners are still operating, while taking added safety and health measures per government and CDC regulations. A few have closed, and some have scaled back their production facilities. But for now, we are still processing orders as usual — though we have been recommending folks allow about 1-2 weeks extra for turnaround. Rush orders aren’t really a good option right now. Suppliers are receiving shipments of hand sanitizers and related products almost every day, but they are in high demand. So if you want these products, it may take several weeks or longer for them to be delivered.

With any order, we’ll keep you updated on turnaround times, estimated shipping dates, and any potential disruptions to production or service. Rest assured, we’re doing everything we can to help you keep things running as smoothly as possible during this tumultuous time.

Meanwhile, we’re still here to you as a resource — for planning ahead, rethinking your marketing approach with regard to print and promotional items, or even if you have questions about how the heck do you get any work done at home? (We’ve been doing it for years, and we may not be “experts,” but we’ve learned a thing or two in that time.)

Stay safe. Stay healthy. And we’ll see you on the flip side.

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