Stay Safe: Products to Promote Your Business During Covid-19

We’ve now been dealing with a Covid-19 world for several months, and it’s become very clear that this is going to be our bizarre normal for a while. We previously discussed some products offerings that specifically dealt with Covid-19, but now that our industry has had more time to get items to market, we wanted to revisit PPE and other Covid-safety related items that can help you brand and market your business, with health and safety in mind.

Face masks have become an everyday accessory for most of us, so custom-branded face masks are the perfect opportunity to expose your brand. There are TONS of options available, and they’re surprisingly affordable. Some styles start at around $3 each.

Face masks are also a PERFECT promotional item to send people in the mail. They are flat and lightweight, so they are fairly inexpensive to ship. Ask us about some cool face mask mailing options — where we handle everything from branding the mask, adding a custom notecard, packaging, and mailing.

Face mask “adjacent” items are also becoming a popular choice for branding — these are also useful, timely items, but are a little different. “Ear savers” — which come in a variety of styles, from simple silicone backers, to full-color headbands — are designed to hold the elastic loop of your face mask securely to your head, while sparing the back of your ears. We also love the re-imagined use of lanyards as a “mask keeper,” so your face mask is always at hand, even when you want to pop it off for a break when no one else is around.

Back in March, hand sanitizer was selling out faster than we could submit orders to our suppliers. Well, supply seems to have finally caught up to demand, and options for hand sanitizer seem to be much more widely available. From small one-ounce bottles (or even individual packets), to larger table-top dispensers, let us know what you’re looking for, and we can probably get you situated.

The “Kooty Key” is one of our favorite innovations to come out of Covid-19 — this nifty tool is designed to help you remain “touch-free” when dealing with high-touch areas, like keypads, door handles, light switches, water faucets, and more.

We also love the idea of “Covid Kits” — packaging together various branded items to make navigating a Covid world a little bit easier. We can always do a custom project, where you pick out each item — but a lot of our suppliers have made things easy by putting together a selection of branded items. Whether you want to keep customers safe at home, offer protection for essential workers, or welcome employees back to the office with the tools to keep them healthy — there are excellent kitting options available.


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