Work From Home Essentials: Part 2

For many companies, having employees working from home continues to be the best practice during Covid-19. So we wanted to update our previous list of Work From Home Essentials with some new ideas, and a reminder about some of our favorite products, as well.

Blue Light-Blocking Glasses remain one of our favorite work from home items! We’re all sitting in front of computers more than ever these days, with most face-to-face meetings moving to digital formats. These glasses help ease eye strain and make those long hours at your computer a little more comfortable.

Likewise, any kind of wireless technology that makes working from home easier is a great idea — wireless mouse, true wireless earbuds (or headphones), and wireless charging are all great ideas to make life simpler for work from home employees.

Hydration is always key, so we’re a big fan of branded drinkware. It’s a practical, always-useful gift. Options range in price, quality, and style — anything from a beautiful ceramic mug for your daily coffee or tea fix, to a stainless steel tumbler or acrylic water bottle.

TELL US: what would make YOUR work-from-home life easier?

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