Cheers to the Next 30 Years!

2016 has been a roller coaster of a year, and here at Jag Forms, we spent the year celebrating our 30th anniversary.


But we did a lot more than just reflect on 30 years of business; we also spent a lot of time thinking about our future. The next 30 years, if you will.

When Jeff started Jag Forms in 1986, it was with the goal of owning his own business, being his own boss, and having the ability to control his work-life balance, and provide better customer service to his clients. It wasn’t until Sara joined the team in 2012 that he realized Jag’s potential to become a family business, and a legacy.


Now, the third generation of the Gundell family is only 17 months old right now — but Jocie has gotten the entire team thinking about the potential future of Jag, and whether Jocie or other future third generation family members will want to join the family business.

That possibility came into crystal clear focus this year when we were, once again, named finalists in the Excellence in Family Business Awards, presented by OSU’s Austin Family Business Program.


Who knows what the future will bring to the Jag family? It could be, the third generation has no interest in furthering the family business. Or they could take Jag into new and exciting directions that we haven’t even dreamed of yet.

What we do know is that Jeff & Sara are committed to continuing the Jag legacy. Discussions about the company’s future revolves around transitioning Sara into more responsibilities; into formal ownership. Planning for Jeff’s retirement sometime in the next ten years, and how to make that transition as smooth as possible.

30 years, man. 30 years is a long time for a business to grow and thrive, and we’re proud of the legacy that Jeff has created to make our first 30 years possible. Now he and Sara are teaming up to make sure Jag is around to celebrate the next 30 years, too.

Cheers to 30 years, and 30 more!


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