2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday gifting season is nearly upon us, but in the promotional products industry, shopping early is always key — since demands on production flow and inventory become higher the closer it gets to the holidays. That’s probably even more important this year, as our vendor partners have implemented various safety protocols to keep their teams safe and healthy during Covid-19, so a lot of turnaround times are already a little longer than usual.

That said, this time of year is still the perfect time to show friends, colleagues, employees, and customers how much they mean to you. There are great gift ideas to fit any budget — you just have to let us know what you’re looking for, and what sort of message you’re hoping to convey. But if you want help getting the ideas flowing, here are some of our favorite ideas for this year (or every year):

Drinkware is always a great choice, and with options ranging from a ceramic mugs for $3+ each to high-end, name-brand stainless steel tumblers and water bottles, there is something for everyone. We love how useful and practical drinkware is, and if you choose a stylish piece and add a thoughtful imprint, it will remain something your recipients use and love.

Cozy at Home: Cozy blankets, diffuser kits, and other items that make staying home extra comforting are more appropriate than ever this year.

Phone grips are a trendy item that are also super useful and very visible. PopSockets are great, but this finger-grip style ones are another option we love.

Tea Towels and other home goods are great items to gift this year, what with all that holiday baking and food prep. Whiskey stones and other barware items are also great way to say “cheers” to the season.

This wood perpetual calendar and other desktop items will keep your branding front-of-mind all year long.


Winter gear will keep your gift recipients cozy throughout the cold season. Custom socks are another fun way to bundle up, and can be used all year long. Socks are one of our favorite apparel items to gift, because sizing is rarely an issue!

Homegoods like this cheeseboard with knife set, or a bamboo cutting board, are practical items that can be used for holiday entertaining … or, you know, those Zoom parties you’ll be having at home.

Candles are always a cozy gift item — but we also love this electric candle with built-in bluetooth speaker as a high-tech twist on this perennial gift classic.

This branded letterboard is another trendy item that will make your social media photos pop! Use the included letters to send a festive message.

And of course, the holiday season is never complete without decking the halls. There are SO many options for branded holiday ornaments — like these fun leather shapes.

With Covid-19 this year, distributing gifts can be even harder than usual. That’s why we are happy to offer packaging and distribution for you. This is actually a service we’ve ALWAYS offered, but now is an important time to remind you that it’s available to you. Additionally, many of our vendor partners have enhanced their existing services to include more options for gift packaging, fulfillment, individual drop shipments, and more. Just ask! Here are a few of the fun pre-packaged, easy to ship-out gift ideas we’ve been seeing this year:

Need more ideas? Just ask! We’re happy to help you brainstorm the perfect gift idea to suite your needs and budget.

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