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Cheers to the Next 30 Years!

2016 has been a roller coaster of a year, and here at Jag Forms, we spent the year celebrating our 30th anniversary. But we did a lot more than just reflect on 30 years of business; we also spent a lot of time thinking about our future. The next 30 years, if you will. When […]

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Excited About Doing Business (Again)

After 30+ years in the same business, things can become old, mundane, stale, or just about any other adjective that comes to mind. In my case, that “other” adjective is “exciting.”  And I owe that feeling to my daughter Sara – you know, the redhead who is my co-worker these days. When Sara and I […]

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A Bureaucracy of Two

If you have ever done business with Jag, you probably know that we try to maximize the value we provide for our clients on every transaction. In fact, while many people talk about their low prices (and we always strive to be competitive), we prefer to focus on the value you receive when buying from […]

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Added Value

All salespeople and sales organizations preach the “relationship” sale to their prospects and clients. That is, we want to develop a relationship so we can work together for a long time, not just on a single transaction. That’s well and good, and it implies that a bond will be created based on trust, reliability, quality, […]

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Meet T-Jag

Meet T-Jag, our new Director of Awesome. Yes, T-Jag is a plastic dinosaur. His full name is Tyrannosaurus Jag — but he goes by T-Jag for short. Expect lots more from T-Jag, as we continue showing you more featured products, new ideas, and also T-Jag just living up to his title around our offices. Thanks […]

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All in the Family

Earlier this week, Jag Forms headed to their first event with the Portland Business Alliance. The event on Wednesday was part of the Alliance’s Breakfast Forum series. The topic? Family businesses. When my dad, Jeff, started Jag Forms in 1986, it was with the idea that he wanted to become a small business owner and […]

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Jag: The Next Generation

For a long time, only one person has been at work behind the scenes at Jag: Jeff Gundell. I’ve known Jeff for almost 29 years, but I’ve always just called him “Dad.” I was not quite three years old when my dad started Jag Forms. I don’t really remember much from those days, and to […]

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