E-mail vs. Direct Mail Marketing

These days, with budgets so tights, many businesses are cutting corners by eliminating direct mail marketing campaigns in lieu of email-only.

While this sounds like a sure way to save some moolah, it’s not necessarily the best course of action. In fact, studies have shown that while email marketing campaigns may be less expensive — the returns are far less than what you’d get with a traditional direct mail marketing campaign.

But I’m especially fond of this recent article that shows combining both direct mail and email (or social media) marketing can deliver the most bang for your buck. The article offers this advice for combining direct mail and email marketing:

  1. Know your audience and business model and then integrate direct mail marketing and email marketing to either be a 1-2 sales punch or complimentary to each other. For example: direct mail is meant to compel customers into a store through the use of coupons or advertisements. An email is generally meant as an “Act now!” retail sale for non-considered / non-essential purchases. For considered purchases (those that consumers think about purchasing before going to a store or brand website), companies should use direct mail and email marketing in tandem to drive consumers to either call or visit a website and “learn more” about the product.
  2. When used for customer relationship management (CRM) campaigns, businesses should plan their event calendar well ahead of time and make sure they have different conversations with customers across direct mail and email marketing that are complimentary to each other. It’s important, however, that those marketing pieces are segmented by tactic and channel to ensure quality and consistency with how your customers have responded to direct mail and email offers in the past.

In this day and age, it’s impossible to ignore email marketing — as well as the ever-growing power of social media as a marketing tool. But with so much of our lives (both personal and professional) going digital, the impact of a direct mail marketing campaign is, in many ways, even more compelling than ever before. Receiving something physical in the “snail mail” is becoming less and less common — so think about how much bigger an impact your marketing campaign will have if it includes that physical component you can only achieve with direct mail.

At Jag Forms, we have lots of solutions for cost-effective and creative direct mail marketing — so don’t hesitate to give us a call, even if you need help brainstorming ideas.

For the comments: What’s your best advice for combining email and direct mail marketing campaigns?

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